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Inspired by my own story!

The main motivation behind why I donate blood or plasma because I had an episode which occured back in Kerala, India.


In 2014, I met with a life-threatening motor bike accident which actually broke both of my hands and a leg. I was quickly hospitalized and had a significant medical procedure in my leg and both of my hands with a few implants. I was saved by the most beautiful health professionals, hat's off to them. During this incident I saw many patients who had suffered with lot more life threatening injuries than me and many of them needed immediate blood. And I found shortage of blood for many of them. That's the moment when I clearly recognized that my life was also saved from someones blood and also now I believe life is too short and it depends only on how you live like a pure human to save at least one life rather than on only concentrating on making money. Sometimes money can't save your precious life.


Really after this incident I used to donate my blood especially for someone who urgently needs it and also I used to donate blood in Regional Cancer Center in Kerala, India for saving blood cancer patients when I was in India. Right now I'm Ontario, Canada. I was recently recovered from a new variant of COVID-19. So suddenly I thought I can again donate my blood or plasma to save more people's lives. I will try and continue to do this forever to save more lives. This brings me enough satisfaction when I go for sleep each night.