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I can hardly wait to donate blood

I have been and will be a part of many weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and precious milestone moments thanks to 13 people I will never meet who donated blood that helped to save my life after a near-fatal car accident two years ago. On my mother's birthday in 2007 - just two months after my wedding, and one month after my father was diagnosed with cancer - I was the passenger in a horrific t-bone accident in town. It was God's plan for me that day to become a miracle and He used the heroic instincts of Brantford paramedics, the amazing talent of the Hamilton General trauma team - including a research team that put me into their international clinical studies for Factor 7, a coagulant drug - as well as 13 local blood donors who combined efforts to give me a second chance at life. It has taken one year for me to become eligible to donate blood, and another year to clear up medical paperwork to OK me to donate and I can hardly wait to donate blood next week for the first time in 10 years. I will donate at least 13 times and then some, because although I had only donated once before when I was 16, I realize that any discomfort I had with donating blood was NOTHING compared with what my blood's recipients will go through - a little discomfort is a very small sacrifice to give in order to help save someone's life, like mine. God bless every blood donor out there :)