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We should all try to give back to the community

I have been giving since high school. It was something that signified that you were an adult and it benefitted the community. When I started out it was a card that was updated manually so all my early donations have been lost to the system. I also went through a number of years when because of medications I could not donate.

I just did my 25th donation this week in the new system. If I could tell anyone whose life was saved because they received blood, it would be to tell anyone willing to listen that they are still alive because someone cared enough to donate blood.


Last year, my assistant came into the office and told me that she was going to give blood because she was a universal donor and that she got calls all the time. This struck me as selfless and I thought about it. I emailed her the next day to tell her that I had made an appointment to donate because of her inspiration. She was also inspired.


Hopefully, more people will be inspired to give blood and to give back to the community.