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I'm a recipient

In 2008, I delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl, however I also hemorrhaged. I needed two units of blood. I am very grateful to whoever donated blood so I could feel great and enjoy who turned out to be a caring beautiful young lady with a heart of gold.


Three years ago at the age of nine my daughter encouraged me to become a blood donor. She knew that I was a recipient, even though I was a bit scared of not knowing what may happen I knew I would be in good hands and decided to become a donor. It makes me feel so good to know that I am able to help people the same way someone helped me and to also show my daughter that sometimes you have to face your fears for good reasons.


I also have an uncle who needs blood transfusions very frequently. If people did not donate blood there would be a lot of people that would be very ill or lose their Lives. The message that I would like to tell people is please do not let your fear of a needle, or any other fears stop you from becoming a donor. You never know who you may help. It could even be your own family member, a baby, a baby's mom such in my case, anyone. Canadian Blood Services is incredible. They are there with you the whole time and talk with you and are so reassuring. Please believe me. I feel so good after I donate, knowing I am going to help someone. You never know when you will need blood.