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As someone who didn't grow up volunteering in the community I can't say I ever really understood the benefits of it until recently. All I really knew was that it looked good on a resume and articles I'd read claimed that people who volunteered regularly were overall happier than those who didn't.


So a couple months ago I said okay let's give this a go and started spending my Thursday nights at Canadian Blood Services. I chose it because I had started getting back into donating, and I really craved human interaction as I wasn't getting as much at my new job. My only responsibilities were to make sure people felt welcome and appreciated, and if they weren't feeling well to go get a nurse.


It's funny how such little responsibility has given me such a greater feeling of purpose in my life. In just two months, Thursdays have become my favourite day of the week. I look forward to finishing work, not so I can go binge Netflix, but so that I can go exchange smiles with strangers and make sure they eat some cookies and have a juice. What's not to love?


The thing about volunteering is that you're free to follow your passions. Whether that's people or singing or animals or whatever really. You're giving up your time for free so it's a lot harder for the organization to turn you down. What I'm saying is, just because your day job isn't your dream job, doesn't mean you can't live the dream :) Thanks Canadian Blood Services for helping me live mine :)