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You saved a baby's life.

I was born to my wonderful married parents, and I was their first child. I was full term, healthy, and happy, born in the end of 1990.


As the days passed, my skin got more and more yellow. My bilirubin got very high. I needed to be put under photo-therapy lights in just my diaper. But this wasn't sufficient. My levels got dangerously high, and my life was at risk. The doctors decided I needed a complete blood transfusion to save my life.


With the complete blood transfusion of type-specific blood, I started to pink up. The yellow faded from my skin. My bilirubin went down. Thanks to that life-saving blood, I got better, and I got to go home with my family at just 10 days old.


This was 26 years ago. I now have children of my own, and I am a nursing student. Whoever you are, I want to thank you for saving my life. I have just been confirmed that I can give blood as well. I can't wait to pay it forward.