Qualicum Beach,
British Columbia

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Why I keep donating

My late husband fell ill in 2005 with heart failure, and struggled for five years, before succumbing to it.

In 2009, he had an adverse reaction to a drug he was taking, and lost a significant amount of blood.

He required 12 units of blood to correct the problem.

I decided the, that I should “repay” the blood bank, for his “withdrawals”, and started donating blood.

By the time I reached the breakeven 12 unit mark, it was pretty much part of my lifestyle routine.

So I kept donating.

Several events have temporarily sidelined my blood donations over the years, but I endured.

But I picked up where I left off, when I was able to.

I just recently donated my 36th unit.

Though my ”debt” to the blood bank was settled long ago, my current “deposits” are now dedicated to anyone I know, that is battling any illness, and may need blood to recover.


Happy to donate.




Elaine De Rooy