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Why I donate

I first donated at a mobile clinic in my community, about 20 years ago, on a lark, really. I had always been interested and I had some free time that day so I figured I had nothing to lose (except a little blood!) It felt really good to give something back and I made a point of attending the mobile clinics whenever I could.

When Lethbridge finally got a permanent clinic I started donating regularly. I am pleased that something so simple can help so many people. To date I have donated 79 times, and am counting down to the 100 mark.

Since I began donating both of my brothers in law have had heart surgery and my mother has been battling cancer for more years than we like to consider. I know that blood donors have had a huge impact on all our lives. I am proud to say one of my sons has become a regular donor, and my daughter is looking forward to being able to in a few more years. My sister & my nephew are now regular donors too.