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Why give blood

Today I am sitting in a chair at the Guelph Hospital. I am in ambulatory care and will sit here today for 5-6 hours getting a blood transfusion. Today, two units of someone else’s blood in going into me. With this cancer, my hemoglobin gets low, and it makes me feel tired and lethargic. This is likely my eighth time here getting a blood transfusion. So I have needed approximately 16 units of blood since about March. About once a month or so, I come here and the nurses take great care of me.


This is just a reminder that when you donate blood, it doesn’t just go to a crash victim on the side of the road, or to people during serious operations. It also goes to people like me, who need the blood just to carry on with their everyday lives, to provide enough energy so I can chase my kids around the house, to hug my wife and to just keep living.


If you are able to donate blood, please give it some thought! The people you are helping need it in order to live in so many ways!