St. John's,
Newfoundland and Labrador

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A Very Thankful Heart Mommy...

At a day old Carly was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot, we were shocked to find this out about our tiny new baby girl. We were told we will need to take her away for open heart surgery; we were shocked and devastated over this scary news. In our numerous weekly appointments, her awesome cardiologist was telling us about her surgery and exactly what they are going to need to do. It was in these conversations we were told Carly will need blood transfusions for a successful heart surgery.

At not even 4 months we had to take her away for her surgery, she was tiny and not even 10 pounds, thankfully she did well, she had a few setbacks but otherwise did exceptional. We are forever grateful to her heart surgeon and her cardiac team, but also forever thankful to blood donors for helping save our baby girls life, without you, we would not have our fun energetic girl!

Carly now is a 5 year old happy little girl who loves dancing, swimming and playing with her friends, she is very proud to show off her scar, as she calls it 'her special hear'. She is still with us and able to show off her scar and be very proud because blood donors like you, thank you so much!!

I will admit, I had never donated blood up until then, but since then I have become a regular donor, as well as we just had Carly's 4th in hour clinic bringing in over 130 donors through the doors to donate blood recently. I know I was like so many others not wanting to take the time, or thought it was going to hurt to donate blood, but its real for many families that its life saving. Our daughter is monitored for life and may need more heart surgeries, and I pray if that day comes, the blood she will need is available for her to live.

Please roll up your sleeve and give, you can help save lives!


From a very thankful heart mommy!!