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Unexpected need for blood

I am your average Canadian. I am healthy, exercise, eat well and enjoy life. In the back of my mind I knew Canada Blood Services was there should I ever be in a car accident and need blood. Little did I know that when I went to emergency with difficulties breathing, lightheadedness and pressure on my chest that I would be diagnosed with severe anemia due to an intestinal bleed. I required both blood and plasma transfusions. People took took an hour of their day to give blood. This saved my life. I now realize the importance of blood donations as one never knows when you or someone special may need it. When I communicated with friends about my medical status I added a note suggesting they give blood. My friend, Amy, took time last Friday night to give blood. I feel blessed to have her as a friend. This week she was notified that the blood she gave just four days prior to was being used. This reinforced the importance of her donation and the life she saved.