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Thanks for the Blood

I was diagnosed with incurable MDS Leukemia about a year ago. This condition made me very weak and I could only walk a few steps and that was holding on to something - wall, cupboard, fridge handle. I received two bags of blood and what a difference that made! About half an hour into the transfusion I could feel myself getting stronger. I had to wheel myself into the hospital in a wheelchair and after the transfusions I walked out of the hospital. What a difference this made to my life! I could now carry on a near normal life. Twice since then I had transfusions when my hemoglobin had dropped. Each time it was like a miracle had happened for me. Strength and colour had returned to my body and I was ready to go again! Thank you so much to the willing volunteers who provide this much needed blood for recipients like me. Be certain that your blood donation is making a difference!