Andrea For Blake

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Thank You

June 10, 2017 was a beautiful summer day, almost two weeks before Blake's 10th birthday. While playing with friend's, Blake went through our front glass storm door. He severed his axillary artery, axillary vein, partial cut to his median nerve and puncture to his lung. The series of events that happened after that is too long to share but it was filled with many heros. Those heros included friends, strangers, paramedics, helicopter pilots, nurses, doctors and surgeons. But, no hero is more important than the Donors who unselfishly donated their blood. Without you, Blake would not be here. (recently a doctor told me that he wasn't sure if Blake had any of his own blood left that night)


After Blake’s accident, people were asking how they could help. I suggested they consider donating blood. There was a blood clinic scheduled in our town not long after his accident. Someone from Blake’s school arranged with Canadian Blood Services to have the clinic named “In Honor of Blake”.


The evening of the clinic we went to say Thank You. The lady at the registration desk said to Blake, “Are you the reason why so many people are here?” :) She said they were so busy they had to schedule people for the next clinic.


We are forever grateful to all those Donors who helped saved Blake’s life.


Thank you to everyone who donates their blood. I hope you know the difference you are making in this world. xoxo