British Columbia

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Thank you

Since October 31, 2015, I have been having blood transfusions. Now they are every 4 weeks.


These transfusions improve my life and give me more energy to still be involved in the things that give me pleasure and happiness. I can spend time with my family. I can watch my grandson in his track meet, doing tricks with the dog or playing his drums in the Drum Fest show. I can go to Hornby Island with my daughter and spend time with the extended family. I can see my son and listen to the music he has recorded for the band he manages. I can help my other son with the book-keeping for his business. I can do my gardening and enjoy salads and vegetables often. I can bake and share this with the neighbours and the family.


I want to sincerely thank all the people who donate blood. Their act of kindness benefits so many people - people who are in a medical crisis and need the blood to survive, people who have a chronic illness that requires them to have transfusions. People of all ages are helped.


Please pass my thanks on to all the blood donors.