British Columbia

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Spreading life and hope

I grew up seeing my father donating blood many times. As a matter of fact, in my home country you are entitled a paid day off at work once a year for blood donation. So when I turned 18 I followed suit on my dad’s example and started donating blood. Dealing with anemia sometimes, I wasn’t always eligible but I tried. And when I moved to Canada I kept the donations going, still on and off due to my hematocrit numbers. I remember on my first screening the nurse was concerned about me being from South America and I said it’s easier finding a bear in downtown Vancouver than a monkey in São Paulo. It seems a bit rude now putting into words, but hey, I wanted to donate! And extra tests are made to ensure my health and receptors as well. I always thought of blood donation as the least I can do to help someone, since I am not wealthy to donate money, but I do have something precious to give, which means life. It became even more meaningful after a friend was in need of organ transplant. So I do campaign for blood donation. Even if you can’t donate, encourage those who can. All it takes is little time and it makes a huge impact in people’s lives.