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Saved 3 times.

My life was saved by transfusions three times. The first time was during my quad bypass. There were complications that required I be transfused. I actually died and was resuscitated but without the blood I was a goner. The second time was when they performed a thoracotomy on me. Once again I needed a transfusion to survive. My last transfusion was a little more dramatic. I suffered, what they call, a "major bleed". A spontaneous bowel movement produced a "tarry stool". It was fortunate that I recognized what was going on and the consequences, which were life threatening. I asked my wife to dial 911 and the ambulance arrived a few minutes later. It is 7 miles from Blackstock to Port Perry so the response was not immediate but they did arrive in truly remarkable time. As soon as they got there they measured my blood pressure. I was immediately loaded into the ambulance. My blood pressure was taken every minute or two. We were moving quickly but when the female technician told the driver, "You can go a little faster now", it was pedal to the metal with full lights and siren. We pulled into the Port Perry Hospital. I thought they might have taken me to Lakeridge Oshawa Hospital but their choice was good. As an aside Port Perry Hospital had a major fire last week and is closed for about a year. If it had been then I would not be writing this now.

Very quickly IV's were set up and I was assessed. Over the next few hours I was scoped both ways but no bleeding source was found. After things settled down and I was stabilized the Doctor leaned over to me and said, "It's a good thing they brought you here." I asked him why. His answer, " Because you would not have made it." I was very fortunate that Port Perry had the staff and the blood products I needed for me to survive. Thanks donors for saving my life....... three times. I don't know exactly how many units of blood products I received but there was a lot. I can tell you this, I am so grateful to have survived and been able to watch my grandkids grow up. You could miss a lot. My grandfather died at 47 and I am glad it was not my time. If I could speak with my donors and all the staff involved with looking after me I would tell them how special they are and what a difference they made to my life. Hugs all around.