St. John's,
Newfoundland and Labrador

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I've poles clicking, children crying, parents pacing, doctors planning - all in a day at the oncology ward at the Janeway Children's Hospital.


On Jan 21/99 we received the horrible news that our baby girl age 21 months had been diagnosed with cancer- tests later revealed that Rebecca had stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

This came as a great shock as we had repeated visits to the Janeway being treated for an eye infection and a cold.

The days became long and scary, as the many unknowns became very real. We were faced with 9 rounds of aggressive chemo, stem cell rescue in Toronto and a stem cell transplant in the fall of 1999.

We learned very quickly that survival for Rebecca meant many blood and/or platelets transfusions.

The chemo would attack her immune system very aggressively leaving us many days to need multiple blood products in one day.

We spent many days, weeks and months in hospital and we knew very little about the great need for blood donations until we were faced with our own journey. What we did know was that it was the" ultimate gift to survival"


Over the course of the 1 5 years we had over 80 blood products to beat this disease, we engaged in many campaigns supporting the need to give blood. We hosted 3 birthdays at the center to spread awareness asking for donations of blood instead of gifts..


Please consider giving the gift of life, it’s the greatest gift any child /adult can receive - it's free and saves lives. We are so grateful for our precious gift please consider donating today!


Rebecca is now 20, loves life and enjoys every moment to the fullest.