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Pushing 200

When I was 17, there was a blood donor clinic in my high school. I needed my parents' permission to donate and my father joined me in donating. I was semi regular donating for years, giving because it is something I can do to help others. When I started making the acquaintance of people who had received blood products, it gave me insight into how impactful it was. One day a colleague found out I am a regular blood donor. She called me a "Rock Star!" Then she told me of the time in her life when she had been anemic and come close to dying. She was in a hospital bed, her mother by her side, and was administered blood. Her pallor was grey, but as she received the blood her mother exclaimed how visible was the transformation of her skin colour to pink!

Since then, I have heard more such stories and been the beneficiary of gratitude from other recipients. Their stories are more than ample motivation to continue donating. I recently gave donation number 197. In six months I will reach 200 and intend to give as long as I am able. I'm told that I have saved the lives of as many as 591 people. Is it really that many? I don't know. I do know that it is as few as 197, so far. That is very satisfying.