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Program Manager

Our Partner for Life number is AMDO928507.


A little over a year ago, I was called to make an appointment to donate again. They told me my blood type was in very short supply. I donated, and in the process decided that blood donation should be created as an ongoing service initiative for our company. I promoted it, got management support, and with the help of others in the company, got it to happen. Unknown to us before, one of our executives once needed multiple units of blood when traveling, so he was very keen on the initiative and how many people we could help with it.


Every three months we have a scheduled date for donations, and actively solicit donors. This has attracted not only existing donors, but new ones too. The Life Bus comes to pick us up, take us to the clinic, and bring us back. How good is that? Last year we exceeded our pledge. We look forward to exceeding it again this year.


We all donate for different reasons. I've never needed blood, but my sister has multiple chronic illnesses and is on blood thinners for life, after having three blood clots. If ever something happened to her and she started to bleed, she would suffer significant blood loss in a short period of time. What if there was no blood for her when she needed it? How could I hope for that blood to be there for her from the donation of others, if I did not donate myself?


I urge everyone who reads this to donate regularly, and the get the people in your own circles to do the same. Someone you care about might live because of your donation, and that feels good...