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Partners for Life

I first donated when I was in high school. It was an easy out of class. I donated for a number of years whenever I saw a clinic in a mall or nearby. I stopped for a while and wish that I hadn't. I started again and have donated >60 times. I even got my husband going as well. I championed our company to become a member of Partners for Life. With the support of our company president, we now give as a team 4 - 6 times a year. The LifeBus picks us up at our office and takes us to the clinic. We are given time off of work with pay to do so. It has been a few years now and we are always looking for more people to donate and have added some to our core of regular donors. Over these years we know we have helped save hundreds of lives. There is no feeling like that! Takes so little time and makes such a huge difference. I am so proud of the life saving heroes I work with!