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THE OZ 50 / 50 CHALLENGE (Partners for Life, Ref # THEZ011226)

As most people know, helping one another will always be a Great thing to do. Over the years, I have taken pride in helping as many people as I can, from volunteering time and donating thing I make, to helping children in youth programs and friend in need. Back in the 80’s as I volunteered with St. John’s Ambulance and Red Cross, I had a chance to help work at some Red Cross Blood Donor Clinics and I gave blood for the first time and over the years, I have enjoyed the chance to give again and again.



The OZ 50/50 CHALLENGE (Partners for Life, Ref # THEZ011226) is a challenge that I have started in 2011, to get at least 50 people to donate one pint of blood. As a blood donor for years now, I have Proudly donated over 50 time. I would like to Challenge all the friends, family and others that know me to join me in The OZ 50 /50 Challenge (Partners for Life, Ref#THEZ011226). I get Special Business Card made up and mail out or hand then out to people I meet all year long to invite them to the OZ 50/50 Challenge. Since 2011, I have handed out around 300 card a year. Over the many years I have run the OZ 50/50 Challenge, I have no idea how many card have been brought and handed in, That's not the point. for ever card handed out is a hope it brought people in to donate. I even started a Facebook Public Group under the same name (THE OZ 50/50 CHALLENGE) and have been using it to help promote Blood Donating to those the see my post.



I hope this Challenge will get new people to donate for the first time and teach them about the wonderful benefits to donating on a regular bases and help remind the people who can, have and do, to keep donating . As we get older and health problems start to arise, some of us become unable to donate sooner then we would like. So, we have to help as much as we can before our health prevents us from donating our blood to help others. Sadly, in Canada only less then 4% of Canadians provide 100% of the blood needed to save the life's of our Friends and Loved ones. THAT HAS TO CHANGE!! I hope that this challenge will hopefully get another 50 pints or more.


The more we help others the better life is around us. So I will keep challenging everyone to join me and help save the life of three people and enjoy the great feeling you get from helping others.


Like I always say, "Let's keep the Blood flowing and help Save More lives."




"Ozzy" Ken Osborn

The OZ 50/50 Challenge (Partners for Life Ref # THEZ011226)