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Our Mom, Anna Klassen

Hi! This story is about my Mom, Anna (Anne, Annie) Klassen. She passed away Sept 23, 2018 at the age of 94. For those who wished to make a donation in her memory were encouraged to give to Blood Services or charity of their choice. Blood Services was chosen because Mom enjoyed volunteering, what in the first years, was Red Cross in the department of blood donor clinics.


Mom started giving blood over 30 years ago. She quit when she reached the age of when she was no longer allowed to donate. (I believe that restriction is no longer in place.) I asked her if she was not scared of the needles that were involved and she said she just thought of those she was helping and so the fear was put to rest.


Along with donating blood she also worked at the blood donor clinics, first on Osborne St and later at the current location on William Ave. Mom also volunteered at the mobile clinics. She enjoyed meeting familiar people as well as new people as she served coffee and donuts.


This volunteering at Canadian Blood Services was one of the many volunteer projects she took on over the years. She felt called to give of her time and energy where she could, and give she did!


We as a family remember Mom's gifts of time and energy she shared with many and do our best to follow in her foot steps.