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One of the best job's I ever had

I have been volunteering with Canadian Blood Services for almost 2 years now and I love it. I volunteer in the community and in-clinic and I can't think of anything I rather do with my volunteer time. I originally signed up when I couldn't get a job in the summer of 2016. I was depressed and in dire need to do something with my time. I was already a blood donor and so my mother suggested I check out volunteer options with Canadian Blood Services. I signed up with the summer youth recruitment program and never looked back. I think the best part of being in-clinic and out in the community is learning everyone's stories. Out in the community I met a woman who was very upset she could not longer give blood because she was too old, and I was very happy to give her the news that there was no age limit on giving blood and that she could still donate. My favourite story comes from in-clinic however, where a young man's second time giving blood and he was extremely sick and pale while giving blood. Turns out he was terrified of needles but was very determined to give blood anyway. To me, that just describes the sprite of the Canadian blood donors.

I cannot imagine not volunteering with Canadian Blood Services and I intend to continue volunteering and donating as long as possible