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My Turn to Give Back

10 years ago, I had a major surgical procedure and while in recovery in hospital, started to hemorrhage badly. I received 11 units of blood from other donors that no doubt saved my life. Some years after my recovery, I started to donate blood to repay those 11 units. I recently reached my 30th donation. I will continue to be a regular blood donor because it is for one thing an easy and convenient process. The people at Canadian Blood Services are wonderful - personable and professional in every way, and they host many locations for donation. And now I have another reason to continue as a regular blood donor. Our friend was seriously injured in the devastating OC Transpo bus crash of January 2019. She required many, many units of blood and many of her friends were encouraged to give blood - for her and for the other crash victims. This woman has made - and continues to make - an amazing recovery, made possible by the donations from generous blood donors. It truly is the gift that is in us to give.