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My Inspiration

Tonight I got a certificate from Blood Services for 75 blood donations. I remember my first donation was in the 70"s when I was a student at the University of Manitoba. Over the years I donated blood sporadically. When I was an employee at Red River College I always made sure to donate when we had a blood drive on sight.

In 1995 my youngest son developed Aplastic Anemia.He was 9 years old at the time. Aplastic anemia is an auto immune disorder in which the white blood cells destroy the red blood cells and the body no longer produces red blood cells. Usually the first line of treatment is a bone marrow transplant. unfortunately none of the immediate family members were compatible donors. His doctor said he would likely die before they could find a compatible donor. Our son was in an experimental treatment program which eventually saved his life. During this time, when his body was unable to produce red blood cells he was kept alive with frequent platelet transfusions.

My son is now a resident in Psychiatry. he texted me tonight to let me know that he thought he did well in final oral exams. In a few months he will be a full fledged Psychiatrist.. He would not be alive today without the experimental treatment program and the generous gift of many blood donors.

After my son's recovery I became a platlet donor. I had to stop this when I developed too much scar tissue to complete a donation. However I am still a regular donor and I plan to do so as long as I am accepted. I hope you will consider becoming a blood donor. Remember your donation is a gift of life.