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My husband, the quiet hero

I met my husband only 10 months ago and we got married in May. It turns out, he has a little secret that just never came up.

He donates blood. He has made 81 donations so far and his current goal is 100. He doesn’t brag about it, he doesn’t make a deal out of his precious time off. He just does it.

Ed works long hours every week and he is always willing to help somebody out to the point of doing without himself.

He is a beautiful person and I was drawn to him the moment we met.

Believe me, I wasn’t looking for a relationship.

I would like to give a shout out to Ed Albert and all of the other quiet heroes that make the effort to donate the life saving blood that so many of us take for granted will be there in an emergency.

It wouldn’t be if not for people like Ed.

Let’s everybody make an appointment to see if you can donate. Many can’t through no fault of their own.

One Hero at a time making the world a better place.

My husband Joseph Edward Albert.