Nova Scotia

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My History of Donations 125

Since age 21, I have tried to give blood regularly, to save others lives. As a baby in England during the war, I received blood in an oxygen tent & survived. At age eight I was run over by a car in Calgary with a coma & many other broken parts and was given blood and after 3 days, woke up and spent six months in the Holy Cross Hospital. My first donation was a St. Barnabas Church hall in 1964 and was first on to give leading up our AYPA youth group. I had a set back in 2004 in Sidney, BC with Prostate Cancer after giving my 100th a year earlier. After over 10 years of waiting, I was able to start giving again. In 2017, I was the guest speaker at the Presentations for Nova Scotia - giving my life's testimony. It always a joy for my wife and myself to give regularly in saving lives.