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My blood donation journey.

I started donating blood in 2001, when I had found out that my father was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. While I was visiting with him at the Calgary foothills hospital, I had taken some time in talking with a nurse who had given me interesting information and guidance on how to donate blood and how I can possibly help my father and many many other people by donating my AB+ blood type and by taking the time to become a regular donor. from that time on I have donated regularly and now I am about to make my 75th donation this January. I have found donating to be very fulfilling and self rewarding and I look forward to many more donations.


I have also signed up to be a bone marrow stem cell donor as well. I was contacted in 2010 by the blood donor services to see if I would be interested in donating bone marrow stem cells from spinal tap. I was so excited to be contacted and I believe this was to be used for the bone marrow stem cell donation for an individual where I was a match. I was so excited to be able to help with a donation of this type, as being a match is rare and the opportunity to travel to Italy where this person was located. I was looking forward to being able to help with this rare opportunity to travel and make this donation possible, however, we ran out of time and unfortunately my recipient had passed on before I could make this donation possible. I still am looking forward to being able to donating in this method as well.


These donations can only be possible by the generosity of people willing to make the time and effort to donate to this very much needed and valuable service.