North York,

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In Memory of My Sister, Mojee

In 2013, my sister, Mojee, a healthy and active mother of two beautiful little girls, was diagnosed with Pure Red Cell Aplasia and Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma which later transformed into Diffused Large B-Cell Lymphoma. As my sister heroically fought this incredibly cruel disease, she remained dependent on weekly blood transfusions which made it possible for her to undergo many rounds of chemotherapy. Mojee’s life story tragically ended in May of 2015 but throughout her hard-fought battle, she remained grateful for the “gift of life”.


Each year on her birthday, my family and I hold a blood donation clinic in her honour, hoping that wherever she is, she is smiling down at us for remembering to “pay it forward” -- as we too remain eternally grateful to the Canadian Blood Services and its many generous donors for making it possible for Mojee to continue her fearless battle for as long as she did.