North Vancouver,
British Columbia

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In Memory of and to save a life

I first gave blood in memory of my family, bother, father, grandparents. They all received blood at one time or another. At first I thought, I have the most common blood type, why should I bother as there will be so many others to donate? And then I thought, if mine is the most common, then that means it is also the most needed as there are so many of us!

Lastly, I recently saw a TV show about emergency room events in BC. There was a lady at the Surrey Memorial who was being treated for cancer and needed regular blood transfusions. When she was shown being wheeled in a chair, she really looked terrible. She received two units from two different donors. The shots of her leaving astounded me, she looked like a new person. She was walking with a steady gate, seemed bright and had colour in her face. I connected that she could have receive the unit I just donated as she was the same blood type as me. I got tingles and that amazed feeling of truly impacting her life stayed with me and still makes me happy whenever I think of it. I did something really good.