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Love at the blood donor centre

We wanted to share our love story for Valentine's day. I (Cathy) was a Phlebotomist working on mobile centres, George was a regular donor with over 100 donations.

I started to notice George at about the last 3 or 4 donor centres. He was sweet and had a quiet nature. His quietness made him appealing but hard to strike up a conversation with so I just developed a crush from afar.

Eventually we connected online but his profile picture only showed the side of his face so I didn't know it was him. After messaging back and forth for a few weeks, he revealed that he was a regular donor at our Winchester centre and I revealed that I was actually a Phlebotomist sometimes assigned to that centre. I immediately called a friend, also a CBS phleb, from the area to get details on this guy (still not realizing it was my crush) she said he was a nice guy and I would be safe meeting him. So we met, it was so amazing the moment I saw his face and realized who he was. Of course I didn't tell him any of this until we knew each other for a few months lol. Fast forward 5 years, we have a cute little house about 15 minutes away from the centre where I first became interested in him, a beautiful baby boy and we continue to build our future together. George is now up to 125 donations ❤.