West Jekowna,
British Columbia

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Sylvia Jurys

I am about make my 178 donation. My first donation was made in Manchester England when I was about 18. The collection was made in a glass bottle and my crooked arm was bandaged over my head with a tight bandage after the donation! A far cry from the comfortable donations of today. I have been a volunteer at a charitable organization that hosts a camp for children with cancer as a super companion, on the camp organization committee and a member of the national board of directors for over 30 years. I hope to open a camp in the Okanagan valley in the not too distant future. It would be wonderful to meet a person whose life I helped to save and I would ask them to reach out to others as a donor to pass on their life saved to another in need. I have a volunteer heart and mind, and I know sincerely that my love of the children I have met at camp have inspired me to become a longtime donor that I will continue to do in my good health.