White Rock,
British Columbia

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Lifelong donor and volunteer

Volunteering is "in my blood". The Canadian Red Cross was volunteer-staffed by my grandparents in Shawinigan, Quebec starting over 75 years ago. My father grew up doing his part, and as soon as I was of age, he "dragged me" to the clinic to give my first pint. I haven't ever stopped. At 167 units to date, including platelet donations, and countless hours volunteering at refreshments at clinics in 3 provinces and 2 states, I have done what I could to support this ever-so-important life-giving effort. As I serve refreshments to new and experienced donors alike at every opportunity I can fill, I know that each one of them is a hero to some recipient we will rarely know in person. That I am supporting this selfless act helps define who I am - an unbroken link between my grandparents through my father, to me.