Grande Prairie,

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I've Got My Health

Like it says in the Cole Porter song, "I've still got my health!" I may not have much, but I have great genetics. I value my health and as I see people around me struggling with theirs, I appreciate and am daily grateful for mine.

Giving blood costs me 2 things. Traveling to another city, and my time. That is profoundly inexpensive. Not only that, my body makes more, so I am losing nothing. If that isn't enough, this little inconvenience for me to offer something I have...healthy blood, I can make a huge difference in someone' s life. I can even make the difference between life and death. So why wouldn't I give?

It has been a while since I did and only because as I get older time seems to whiz by and I realized it has been far too long, so next time in the big city, I will set some time aside to seek out a clinic and get it done. As an EMT and as an RN I have witnessed family members and friends seeing people they love suffering physical trauma and feeling helpless. Don't be helpless. Donate some blood if you can. Keep yourself healthy. Think about your life choices and know that if you look after your own health, there is always something you can do to help. It's dark red, LIFE GIVING. its full of iron, STRENGTH GIVING . It supplies our needs, NURTURE GIVING. It's from the heart, LOVE GIVING. Its all about the giving. What more reasons do I need? I may not have much, but I've got my health and I care.