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How receiving blood after my daughter saved my life

Friday, January 9th 2020, just two weeks postpartum, I was taken via ambulance to Headwaters Health Care Centre in Orangeville. I can't explain to you the feelings I had as I left my husband and newborn baby girl at home, all the while not knowing what was ahead of me.


That day I recieved 4L of blood that without a doubt, saved my life. Before the transfusion I had lost more than 60% of the blood in my body, and my hemoglobin levels were terrifyingly low. It was discovered that large pieces of my placenta were left inside of me after delivery, which evidently led me to hemorrhage. I had cardiac machines taped to me because the ER doctor was concerned that blood would stop pumping to my heart. I received emergency surgery that day, and was in the ICU overnight. This was without question the scariest experience of my life, and one that affects my outlook on life daily.


I cannot thank those who donated their blood and gave me a fighting chance.