British Columbia

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Gratitude on my Birthday

My twin and I were born 2 ½ months early in the early 1960’s, which greatly surprised my parents and the doctor as well; nobody even knew twins were on the horizon! Since we were so small, where I dropped to under 3 pounds, the doctor warned my parents that I most likely wouldn’t live. But my parents refused to believe it and their love helped us survive. It was providential that we lived close to a very good hospital, where we were placed in experimental incubators, and each of us had at least two blood transfusions to help with jaundice. My twin and I were in those incubators for two months, struggling for each breath while attached to many tubes, and so tiny, fragile and skinny that my grandparents cried looking at us. But we thankfully both survived and finally left the hospital when we eventually made it to 5 pounds each.

So I am excited to give back, especially with blood that can’t be reproduced, so that I can help other lives in a way that my life was helped with my difficult start to life. This year, it was exciting to be able to give blood right on my birthday, my 49th time, as a reminder that I’m grateful to others for giving blood to me. Giving blood doesn’t take much time and is such an easy way to humanely give life to others.