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Everyone deserves a second chance

When my friends daughter, Isabelle, got sick and needed a bone marrow transplant from a perfect stranger, I remember doing research to see what her odds were and if I could potentially be myself a match for her. The more research I was doing the more I was realizing that the odds of me being a match with my friends daughter were practically non-existent. That's when I contacted Jess at Canadian Blood Services to see if I could do anything else. Being the extremely good recruiter that she is she convinced my wife, Sara, and I to become volunteers for Canadian Blood Services and the One Match program.


We were schedule for our first event. By the time the event rolled around my friends daughter had already found her match. We decided to go anyway because it looked like fun. The event was actually being held for another patient that wasn't as lucky as my friends daughter. I had the chance to talk to his dad and he asked me "You mentioned that you don't know my son, who are you here for?". Not thinking, I just said that I was here for his son, my friend already found her match but everybody deserves a second chance. This perfect stranger just gave me a hug and thank me and wife for helping out. Sara and I were hooked, we have been volunteering with Canadian Blood Services since then.


I can't begin to explain how many great people we've met throughout this experience, the amazing volunteers, the amazing staff at Canadian Blood Services and all the potential donors as well. We have been to great events (Comic con is our favorite) and registered over 1 000 peoples to the Bone marrow and stem cells registry and recruited many blood donors at the same time. I can't think of a better way to give back then with these guys.