St. John's,
Newfoundland and Labrador

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David - Our Son

Blood security – unlike food or economic security, is something we seldom talk or think of. That is until a loved one becomes injured or sick.


My (up till then) perfectly healthy six year old son David was diagnosed with cancer in March of 2017. Our life changed in an instant and our son had a huge battle on his hands. A battle he could not conquer without the help of blood donors.


When a child is sick, everyone around him wants to help. When the inevitable question came, ”What can I do to help?” I answered with – “Give Blood.” Not a small favour I know, but it was something essential to his treatment and something we as a family could not secure for him on our own.


The response was overwhelming. David’s Rugby Club, The Baymen, even sponsored a blood drive. Inspired by David’s courage, and positive attitude, people took time out of their day, many putting aside fear they had, and donated. David was there and had the opportunity to see people coming through for him.


As a family we were touched by the support and comforted that there would be more blood available for our little boy. After the blood drive, donors expressed their appreciation to David. Many were delighted that they finally overcame their fears and donated for the first time. Some were glad they finally had the motivation to give after a long break. Others were happy to put a face to their regular donation.


Thank you Blood Donors. David may be a hero to many, but you are a hero to him.