Newfoundland and Labrador

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November 14th 2016 is a date that will never be forgotten. After flu like symptoms that had been persistent for three weeks we took our son to the doctor. He insisted on bloodwork and my heart fell to my feet. Call it a mothers intuition. He had the blood work done at 2:45pm and as I cleared up the supper dishes I prayed that the phone would not ring. It did and our doctor came to our home. The diagnosis of Leukemia for our 12 year old son. Things are a blur after that but when he was admitted that night he was immediately given fluids and blood products. Everyday he needed blood or/and platelets to keep his body fighting this horrible disease. The children on the ward all needed this. Something you would never even think about became a lifeline. I was horrified to learn that blood products run low in the winter time and were flown in from other provinces to supply the demand.


Everyone has the ability to give blood. Something we take for granted everyday. can save someone's life and give them a fighting chance.


Neda Hunt