British Columbia

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Cummins Community Involvement

Cummins has made a commitment to be a proud #GIVELIFE partner as part of its Community Involvement program. Brandon, who has been a donor since 1999, has supported this initiative since arriving at Cummins three years ago. He originally started to donate as a competition with his high-school friend to see who could donate fastest each time. He has continued to donate as he moved around BC, Alberta, Yukon and Ontario. He set his personal best in Victoria while attending UVic. :)


A few years ago his close friend had an emergency procedure and was saved by receiving a number of transfusions. Thank you to all of the donors who saved his life. Brandon was re-inspired to donate on the 56 day schedule after seeing how much it meant to his friend and their family.


Brandon would like to thank the Victoria and Surrey staff as they have been a warm and caring part of the blood donor community.