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A Change in Heart - Literally!

I consider myself to be one of the most fortunate people on this earth. Due to the precious gifts l was given, I am alive. I am able to do the things I could do before l fell gravely ill and then some! In April of 2018, I was diagnosed with right-sided heart failure. After many months of medication changes and heart device implants, my condition was deteriorating rapidly. I was eventually sent out-of-province for a transplant assessment. Eight days later, l was placed on the list for a heart transplant. I crashed during a routine procedure, and the only option for me to live was transplant. Seven weeks go by and the perfect heart became available. On January 23, 2019, I had the transplant! It is amazing what a healthy heart can do! In the very early stages of recovery, that was when I needed several blood and plasma transfusions. I lost plenty of blood during the surgery, and these products too saved my life. I owe a tremendous thank you to my donors and their families for their choice in choosing organ and tissue donation. I am back to school studying what I love, I can walk more than 5 feet again without gasping for air, I can eat and not get violently ill minutes later, and I no longer need 14-17 hours of sleep per day to function. It is truly a miracle what organ and tissue donation can do. The purpose of sharing my story is to encourage those that are able to donate organs and tissues to do so. Please talk with your families to let them know of your wishes, and register! You too can save lives.