New Brunswick

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On May 16, 2018 we lost the bravest boy we’ve ever known and heaven got another angel.


Braedon touched a lot of lives and was loved deeply by so many people. He’s left an imprint on our hearts that will last a lifetime. He was here to be our guiding light, to teach us how to love and give freely. We are all better for having known him.


Although our hearts will never be the same without him, I have started The Braedon Foundation with the help of family and friends so that even though he is gone his light will still shine on in this world. Setting out on this mission to help others, to bring a touch of happiness to other kids braving their own health battles and bringing awareness to the importance of and encouraging blood and organ donation gives us something positive to focus on. It allows for something beautiful and meaningful to come out of something so unimaginable.


We started this foundation and are encouraging others to donate because we truly believe that making a difference in our community in Braedon’s memory is the greatest way we can honor him. We will be offering kids with life threatening and high risk illnesses their choice between a bedroom makeover or a shopping spree.


We are also encouraging others to be #bravelikebraedon and become regular blood donors; this mission is incredibly important to me, Braedon's Mom and his Step Dad; James Agnew.


Doctors estimated that it would have taken 133 people to donate the amount of blood that gave Braedon Beebe Lyon his last chance at leading a full life. Although Braedon didn't make it he wouldn't of even had a fighting chance without the many donations that were used in efforts to save his life. James Agnew, Braedon’s step dad is determined to pay off this debt with interest. It will take him 21 years to reach 133 donations but it is a quest that is close to his heart.


At Braedon's celebration of life James asked others to help him pay off the interest.


“I do not want to replace this blood because I have a sense that it is owed but because somewhere, some day we may be able to give a complete stranger their last chance at leading a full life.” (James Agnew)


Together with friends, family and even some loving community members we’ve never met we’ve had 21 donations made in Braedon’s memory and honor so far and aren't stopping there! We’ve had lots of donations in Saint John, reached a couple of our Western Provinces and made it all the way too England! We are still asking others to help too. Help us reach every province! Help us keep his light shining bright in this world. Help us help others in our community and your community in both his memory and honor.


Please remember to tag our page on Facebook (The Braedon Foundation) and share a picture of your donation using #bravelikebraedon