Prince George,
British Columbia

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Blood is Life: A Change in Perspective

On March 1, 2018, I was stabbed twice in my head while I was driving. The knife knicked my carotid artery, and I had lost about 2 litres of blood by the time of my blood transfusion. I was declared a "trauma" at the hospital and received a six unit transfusion. Some people say I had a "Near Death Experience" but I prefer to think of this as a "Waking Life" experience. A brush with death can you you a different perspective.

I'm a gay man, and an academic College Instructor. Generally speaking, I used to spend lots of time critiquing the faults in our current system lamenting the fact that I can't donate.Today I tell a much different story and am incredibly grateful that I could receive a transfusion. I'm excited to see CBS progress with policies and am indebted to every donor - not just the one's whom I received blood from directly - for giving the gift of life. I owe you mine.

For all potential donors out there, if the current rules exclude you advocate in whatever way you deem necessary. But please remember, if you can't donate blood, there are other ways to donate. Financial donations for research or programs is also helpful.

From the bottom of my heart, and as tears of joy stream down my face, thanks to all of you who made/make my possible.

Blood is life.

One love.

Marc Sinclair