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Blood Donors Are Hero’s

My son Ian is 7 years old and is alive today thanks to organ donors and blood donors. In 2011 at 8 months old Ian under went a life saving liver transplant due to a rare liver disease he was born with. Ian required multiple blood transfusions during transplant and recovery from transplant. He suffered complications and has been having bleeds for the last 4 years. His team of doctors have not found a source or cause of these bleeds. In 2017 he has had 76 of them. As a result of these bleeds Ian has had several blood transfusions.


I donate blood to give back, to say thank you to all the blood donors who have unknowingly saved Ian’s life time and again. Every time he goes into the OR I sign a form to allow Ian to be given blood if need be. If it wasn’t for blood donors Ian would not be here today.


It’s easy to take for granted that in an emergency and you require blood that it will be there. Blood really is in you to give!