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Biology 20 Honours

When I was 15, the Bio 20 honours students were in charge of the blood drive at my high school. As one of these students, I got to go downtown to see the main clinic and learn about how it all works. I was too young to donate at the time, but started as soon as I turned 17 and have been giving blood whenever I can ever since.


While I was university up in Edmonton, I would book appointments for my group of friends and we would all go down to donate together. The shuttle bus driver from the French campus of the U of A would even swing by to pick us up after we had done our good deed so we didn’t have to walk as far to get back.


Now, I try to bring friends and coworkers with me when I go. I’m a teacher, and I’m always sure to tell my students about my donations so they may be inspired to do the same someday. The dad of four former students is a regular plasma donor, so we get to have a bit of a visit every time I go.


Long story short, I give blood because I can!