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Are you the one that saved my life?

I cannot give blood myself since I have leukemia. When I was first diagnosed, I was very sick and needed 25 transfusions of all types--whole blood, platelets, and plasma. I've needed a few top ups since, and who knows what the future holds?


I began volunteering last September. I wouldn't be alive without the generosity of donors, so volunteering at Canadian Blood Services seemed the least I could do to express my thanks. I love feeding soup and cookies and juice to those who have donated. The clinic environment is happy and upbeat, and donors are lovely people, generous of body and spirit. Just this past week, a donor told me that I am "all smiles and sunshine" every time he comes in. He's right. I love being able to give back in this small way. When I have a spare moment during my shift, I look out on the donors and wonder which of these people saved my life.


I was so lucky to have blood available to me when my body needed it, and I trust that blood will be there in the future if I need it again. When donors thank me for volunteering, I throw it back on them, reminding them how important their donation is. I hope they can sense how deeply grateful I am.