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1st time donation

Today was my 1st time donating. I am not sure why I have never done it before, I know I had thought about it and just never actually followed through.

I am a single mother to a 5yr old little girl, and I thought if anything ever happened to her and there wasn't blood or her specific blood type to give her what then? and what about all the parents and people who are in this situation?

I feel in the wake of COVID kindness and compassion are needed more than ever right now, and any way that I am able to give back I'm going to do that. So I went today and saw how incredibly efficient and easy it was, everyone I encountered was so incredibly warm and friendly.

I'll be going back at least once a year because I feel when you have the ability to help someone out, as small as it may be with no expected reciprocation that's where the beauty of giving, kindness and compassion lives.

If I could meet the person whose life I saved I'd say nothing, I'd just give them the biggest warmest hug I could.