Nova Scotia

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14 and counting

Hi Canadian Blood Services,

Back in the winter of 2015 I was suffering from extreme stomach pains. My doctor was having trouble diagnosing it as they only appeared at night but it kept getting worse and then became severe during the day. So he sent me to have my blood tested. I drove myself to the clinic to have it tested at 7pm one night. When I got back I was so exhausted and weak that I could barely walk. My wife had to help me from the living room to our bed. Just as I was about to turn out the light to try to get some sleep a technician from the clinic called to say that my hemoglobin level had dropped to 69 and that I was bleeding internally. By the time the ambulance arrived and took me to the hospital it had dropped to 54. They quickly diagnosed that I had a perforated ulcer and then gave me 4 units of blood. Since I am O- I can only receive from O- and was very fortunate that they had enough supply to help me heal quickly.

The following year our Crossfit gym had blood drive and I signed up. We all showed up to donate and even thought I was nervous about doing it for the 1st time, it was easy with a bunch of people that I knew. Since then I kept coming back every 6 weeks and just went for my 14th time last week. The staff and everyone there are wonderful and this is the least that I can do for being there for me.


Patrick Sawler